Free Boiler Grant Scheme to Look Out For

big-boilersThe free boiler grant scheme introduced in 2013 aims at helping millions of fuel poor people (basically those who spend more than 10% of their annual income on fuel). These are the people who basically struggle to heat
their homes with inefficient, old, and faulty heating boilers.

In case you qualify for this scheme you will obtain a grant towards a new boiler which is made to result in cheaper bills – generally by up to £320 per year if you are replacing a G-rated boiler. Since February 2013 people have been visiting Boiler Grants up and down the country to check if they qualify for a free boiler grant. However, more and more people are looking forward to take advantage of the scheme in the future.

Only private tenants and homeowners can apply for this scheme. The tenants privately renting will require authority from their landlord first. In case you have a verbal tenancy it can be used to show out your
status. Boiler grants are available until the Energy Company Obligation closes. This will be in September 2018. The energy Providers have categorically agreed to make a pot of funding of £1.3 billion to be readily available each
year the grant scheme is operational.

The free boiler scheme is unfortunately usually not open to everyone. You must be on certain benefits so as to apply. The selection criteria are very strict. For instance, pensioners have to be in receipt of the Pension Guarantee Credit; this means that a state pension only will is not enough.

The scheme only applies to the non-condensing gas boilers, or may be condensing boilers that are under 86% efficient. The scheme is also currently taking applications for oil boiler, LPG, and electric storage heater
grants. Additionally, there are grants available for home insulation.

The free boiler grant scheme is proving very popular. Just from the initial contact to the day of installation the entire process could take about 2-3 months, ideally depending on the corporation carrying out the boiler
grant installation.

Lastly, for you to qualify for this free boiler scheme, your current existing boiler should be inefficient (i.e. less than 86%) basically with a rating of between B and C and Band G. Categorically this can be easily established by the model and make of your boiler.

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