How To Choose Luxury Towels That Last

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Our bathrooms are a haven of comfort and relaxation – whether we choose to shower or soak in a bath it’s a time when we can throw off the problems and challenges that make day top day life so stressful. It’s not only the water that we soak in or feel cascading over us that lends itself to de-stressing – it’s also the immediate aftermath when we wipe ourselves down with a luxury towels.

But how do you make sure that the towel that you buy is exactly what you need to finish off that perfect bathroom session? There are different fabrics, different sizes and a multitude of other factors that should be taken into account when you purchase your ideal towel.

If you are in the market for luxury towels take the following into account – firstly the size of the towel that you want, secondly the material which it made out of, thirdly the weight of the towel and finally the material that is used to make the towel.

Taking a look at the size of towel that you want there are two basic options – the first is the standard towel which measures 27 x 52 inches. This is perfect for those who want to towel off quickly and efficiently – however there is a more luxurious option and this is the bath sheet. This is significantly larger and measures 35 x 60 inches (some are even larger). This option is great for those of us who want to wrap the towel around out bodies and enjoy that luxury and feeling of freedom immediately after a bath of shower.

The next decision for those who are in the market for luxury towels is just which material to choose. It’s here that many people make mistakes. Saving money on towels is a great idea – but choosing a material that is not suitable just because it’s cheaper is a grave error.

There’s nothing wrong with standard cotton- it’s comfy and soft and is ideal for towels. But for those people who want the ultra luxury option there is only one fabric to choose and that is Egyptian cotton. The quality of Egyptian cotton is simply incredible. Towels made from this material are fluffier and more absorbent than those made from ordinary cotton. This material is also superior in that it traps warmth in a way that ordinary cotton does not. It is however pricey. There is an alternative and that is Turkish cotton – not as pricey but still a cut above the ordinary cotton that is produced elsewhere in the world. This material also wears incredibly well, becoming more luxurious with every wash. It is also fluffy and incredibly absorbent.

Aside from the utilitarian aspect of towels a great quality towel is also part and parcel of the decor that makes every bathroom unique. choose colors that compliment the room and make sure that you keep your towels clean and arrange them so that they add an exciting accent to your bathroom. Towels are not only part of your daily routine – they’re an investment in style so make sure that you buy only the best.

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