How to know if you are looking at a Two Way Mirror?

Knowing can be more suspicious than going to a dressing room or bathroom that is surrounded with mirror. Usually, the first question asked here is as to whether there is a two way mirror used in the said space. Good thing, it is possible to know this. It would only take a matter of checking of the mirror is actually transparent. The way it is observed should be learned this way. There are various techniques to learn this. The same is also true with the wall behind it. For instance, the fingernail test is no longer new to some. This may be an accurate way of learning if the mirror is actually two-way or not.


Knowing if a mirror is two-way

There are so many considerations in pointing out if a mirror is actually two-way. Please take note of the following:

  • Observe the way the mirror is actually installed – you may do this by knowing if the mirror looks like it is hanging on the wall. Know if it is also a part of the wall itself. If it is hang, do not fail to look behind the wall. There is a big possibility that it is a two-way. There is always a space after it because that shall be used by other people to observe through the mirror.
  • Monitor the lighting – another is for you to look around and aim at the light. If the lighting seems extraordinary to you, and then that may be a sight. Most of the time, bright lights are seen in two-way mirrors. But then, if it is dim, and seeing through the mirror is not the easiest of all, there is a greater chance that you have stumbled upon a standard mirror.
  • Think about where you are – for example, you are only in a public place, of course, privacy is to be expected, most especially in the restroom. It is illegal to have a two-way mirror there. That should be established to the mind of everyone. Law enforcement on the other hand utilizes two-wat mirrors in interrogation. They use it for line ups.
  • Examine the mirror – peering through the mirror should be alright for you to examine it. How can you do this? Simply press your face up on the mirror. Afterwards, do not forget to cup your hands and then do it around it. If it suddenly creates a dark tunnel in order for light to be blocked, and then that may be a two-way mirror.
  • Learn the measure it will take for the glass to be broken – regular mirrors have the tendency to shatter easily. They always go with a solid wall. A two-way mirror on the other hand comes with a room behind the mirror. This is an option you may want to think about if there is threat in you. This is not the best consideration though. Do not forget to weigh your situation first. This should help you in deciding.

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