How to Write a Book Online

Writing a book online has become an easy way to sell useful advice or having your voice heard. Selling books online has become effective because it doesn’t cost a lot, unlike traditional publishing houses that forced you to go through a long process before your book can be published. The process could also take years to complete, unlike online platforms that allow you to go from idea to book within a couple of months. How can you write a book online?

write a book online

Come up with an idea
Writing a book online doesn’t mean coming up with sketchy content and selling it. You will need to invest time and effort into the process. The only difference with writing a book online and traditional methods is the publication. Sit down and come up with the information you would love to be put in the book. You will then build on these ideas until you come up with a finished product. You can write on any topic you want, provided it is relevant to your target audience.

Organise your details
Once you are done with expanding and unpacking the core idea, you should have the information about the basics written down. Organise and rearrange in a way that makes sense to you and how you would want the book to flow. Ask yourself what the audience needs to know first, and have the basics at the beginning of the book. Once you do this, you can follow it up with advanced concepts that a reader can easily follow without getting lost.

Write the book
Don’t begin by worrying about the title, table of contents, or stylistic elements of the book. Just take your time and start writing it down. There are people who find it easier to start in the middle by writing a chapter they find it easier to. You don’t have to use one method of writing, you can use whatever techniques that work for you. Writing a book will take a lot of time, even if it is a short one. Perseverance will be your best companion throughout the process. Set aside time to write every day, or until you hit the target word count. Don’t do anything else until you have met your daily goal.

Review and Rewrite
Once you are done writing, leave it for a couple of days before coming back and going through it with a critical eye. You will be able to identify some errors and mistakes you made when writing. Editing will take time, but not as much as writing.

Add cover and details
Once you are done with content, you will have to work on the layout of the book. Come up with a couple of titles for the book in case the one you choose has been used.

Ask for feedback
It is important to get feedback before you can publish your book. Give the eBook to friends, neighbours, and relatives. You will be provided with feedback that will help you improve on some things.

Publish the book
Once you are done with editing and making changes, you will have to publish your book. There are many publishing platforms to choose from. Choose one that is able to help you achieve your goal.

The steps above will help you write a book online.

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